What is Rubberwear™?

Rubberwear is a new style of garment decoration. The process uses a plastisol based ink, the same as screen printing, with a metal mold to create raised, multi colored designs that are then transferred onto the garment. Rubberwear is very durable. It is flexible and will never break. It will never fade of lose color.


What can it be applied to?

The rule of Rubberwear is, "If it's waterproof, it won't stick". Materials that use cotton or polyester work the best. The best results are on t-shirts, sweatshirts, felt and fleece. Denim and twill will work, but we try to stay away from the more dense materials. Rubberwear will not stick to oiled leather, satin, protwill and other similar materials. Since the process uses heat, we cannot apply the design onto any material that may melt like nylon, plastic, rubber or vinyl. If you need to decorate a garment made from these materials, you have the option of making a Rubberwear crest and sewing it onto the garment.


How do I care for my Rubberwear™?

Rubberwear is machine washable. Turn the garment inside out before washing. This is very important if you have the glossy finish. Wash it in warm or cool water only. Use only detergent on the Rubberwear garments. Never use bleach. For best drying results, keep garment inside out and tumble dry at a cool setting.


What about colors and special effects?

We custom mix all of our own colors. If you supply us with the Pantone™ color numbers of your design we can make them. Pantone™ colors work best, but if you have a swatch of the color you need, we will reproduce it as close as possible. If your color needs to be extra bright, we can make it fluorescent.

You can also add a number of special effects to your colors. You can choose from three grades of glitter. Pearl, which gives any a color a soft shimmering glow. Glitter, which you can add to any color to make it stand out or mix it alone to make silver. It also comes in gold. Then there is a "heavy chunk" glitter which can be added to color or mixed alone. It also comes in silver or gold. We now offer glow in the dark Rubberwear. It comes in green, but it can be tinted. When it is tinted with another color it will loose some of its brightness.

Rubberwear can be combined with screen printing or embroidery to create some spectacular designs.


What designs work best for Rubberwear™?

We try not to use more than four colors. The best results are on designs that are one to three colors. To get a good idea for the size that your idea design should be, try to keep your lines thicker than 1/16 of an inch and no thicker than 2 inches. The maximum size is 8 inches by 11 inches.

Simple designs can look amazing when produced in Rubberwear. Just by making your logo 3D on a shirt or jacket is enough to get it noticed.


How much does Rubberwear™ cost?

When ordering there are a few things to remember. Size matters. The size of your design will decide which price category it will be in. Then, how many colors will decide the price. There is, like all decoration procedures, a set up charge.

The cost of a production order in Rubberwear is on par with embroidery. For more information on pricing you can order our free catalog or contact one of our sales representatives.


If you would like to see some more Rubberwear samples, Click here.

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